Elk Network2023 Chapter Awards & Recognition

Volunteer Newsletter | May 30, 2024

Below is a rundown of recognition doled out at Volunteer Fun Night on May 3, in Missoula, Montana, during RMEF’s 40th anniversary weekend.


Chapters in this category received recognition for having the highest single non-banquet fundraising event net income. Examples include, but are not limited to, Ladies Night Out events, Gun Bash/Gun Fest Events and golf tournaments. Online raffles, online auctions or any other fundraising efforts that do not include an in-person event, do not qualify for this category.

1st      Smith Valley, NV          $58,769                         

2nd     Boise, ID                        $54,487

3rd     Saginaw, MI                  $52,560


Chapters in this category received recognition for having the highest gross revenue in event sponsorship sales within the given year.

1st          Cheyenne, WY             $44,000

2nd        Tucson, AZ                   $42,000

3rd        Missoula, MT               $29,500


(Above Photo: Nevada Volunteers accepting the 2023 Top New Banquet Net for the Winnemucca, NV Chapter)


Only chapters that held banquets that had never been held in their given area, or were last held prior to 2020, were eligible for this category. In addition, these banquets had to meet a minimum of $20,000 in net revenue.

1st          Winnemucca, NV       $35,415

2nd         Ely, NV                        $30,069

3rd         Ellensburg, WA         $28,825


(Above Photo: Arizona Volunteer accepting the 2023 1st place Chapter Activity Net for the Tucson, AZ Chapter)


This designation was determined by comparing each chapter’s banquet net revenue to other banquets within the same RMEF geographical region. Recognition was based on the three highest netting banquets in each region.

East Region

1st          Asheville, NC                 $111,816                                                         

2nd         Bemidji, MN                  $82,882

3rd          Evansville, IN                $74,713                                                                                                             

Northwest Region

1st          Billings, MT                      $212,309

2nd         Bend, OR                         $169,406

3rd          Kalispell, MT                   $160,843

Southwest Region

1st          Tucson, AZ                      $411,707

2nd         Grand Junction, CO   $244,874

3rd          Bailey, CO                      $128,340


This category recognized the three states with the highest net revenue generated through fundraising efforts within each RMEF region for the given year.

East Region

1st          Pennsylvania                 $816,753

2nd         Wisconsin                      $702,118

3rd          Michigan                        $604,286

Northwest Region

1st          Montana                           $2,123,435

2nd         Washington                    $1,705,035

3rd          Idaho                                $1,397,409

Southwest Region

1st          Colorado                          $1,836,958

2nd         California                        $1,126,193      

3rd          Utah                                 $1,000,000

$100K CLUB

Chapters that reached $100k Club status raised at least $100,000 in net revenue through all chapter based fundraising efforts within the given year.

Royal Chapters:                             $100k-$150k                                                        

Imperial Chapters:                        $150k-$200k                                                        

Monarch Chapters:                       $200k-$250k                                                        

Legendary Chapters:                   $250k+


(Above Photo: Colorado Volunteers accepting the 2023 2nd place Chapter Activity Net for the Grand Junction, CO Chapter)

Legendary Chapters:  $250,000+

Tucson, AZ                                     $411,772

Grand Junction, CO                     $351,614


(Above Photo: Montana Volunteer accepting the 2023 Regional Banquet of the Year – Northwest Region for the Beartooth Chapter Banquet in Billings, MT)

Monarch Chapters:  $200,000-$250,000 

Billings, MT                                         $227,277

Kalispell, MT                                       $211,371

Missoula, MT                                      $203,385

Imperial Chapters: 

Boise, ID                                              $196,648

Lander, WY                                         $176,806

Bailey, CO                                           $176,597

Hamilton, MT                                     $176,069

Helena, MT                                         $175,068

Bend, OR                                            $167,128

Bozeman, MT                                    $162,667

Phoenix, AZ                                       $153,808

Coeur d’Alene, ID                             $153,658

Longview/Kelso, WA                       $151,823


(Above Photo: North Carolina Volunteer accepting the 2023 Regional Banquet of the Year – Eastern Region for the Great Smoky Mountains Chapter Banquet in Asheville, NC)

Royal Chapters:  $100,000-$150,000                                                       

Butte, MT                                             $148,727

Lewiston, ID                                        $148,630

Riverton, WY                                      $144,555

Tri Cities, WA                                      $143,368

Williston, ND                                       $140,508

Mountain Home, ID                           $140,287

Lead/Deadwood, SD                         $138,026

Chehalis, WA                                       $135,078

Roseburg, OR                                     $129,469

Great Falls, MT                                   $128,584

Moscow, ID                                          $125,996

Prescott, AZ                                        $124,934

Eagle/Vail, CO                                    $121,639

Vancouver, WA                                   $119,944

Mount Vernon, WA                             $117,333

Tillamook, OR                                     $116,567

Elko, NV                                               $116,465

Thermopolis, WY                               $115,455

Portland, OR                                       $114,912

Canon City, CO                                   $113,714

Watford City, ND                                $111,828

Provo, UT                                             $111,815

Montrose, CO                                      $111,662

Asheville, NC                                      $111,221

Omaha, NE                                          $109,855

Saginaw, MI                                         $105,024

Everett, WA                                         $103,539

Omak, WA                                            $102,009

Traverse City, MI                                $101,418

Durango, CO                                        $100,930

Redding, CA                                         $100,720