Elk NetworkA 46-Year Wait

General | January 24, 2018

Ten Years? Twenty years? Thirty years? What is the longest you’ve waited until you finally received notice that you’ve been drawn for that elusive big game tag.

For a man in Oklahoma, Paul Luttrell, it was a 46-year wait. Forty-six years! And not only that, the man’s 47-year-old son, Mike, was the one to deliver the news.

“I had no clue what he was calling about. He asked me if I was sitting down,” Paul told the Tulsa World. “I said, ‘Now? After all this time, I draw in now I’m 71?’ Then he said, ‘By the way, I was drawn as well.’ I could not believe it. The odds are just astronomical.”

The father-son duo solidified their already close relationship in Oklahoma’s Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. Though thousands apply, only 60 bull tags and 140 cow tags are issued each year.

“Your mother has been in heaven a long time now and looks down on us every day. I’m pretty solid on that,” said Paul. “She knew I had the heart attack and knew we are a hunting family and she was there for the support of her family. She asked a favor from God and he put his finger on the lottery. I will believe that until my dying day, and thank her when I meet up with her again.”

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