Elk Network6.5 Creedmoor vs. 6.5 PRC – Which One to Choose for Hunting – Presented by Sako

Sponsored Content | September 26, 2023

Since 2007, the topic of the rifle world has been 6.5 Creedmoor cartridges, whose use began in shooting sports but quickly grew in popularity among hunters. In 2018, Hornady released a larger 6.5mm bullet-firing cartridge, the 6.5 PRC, which sends the same bullets at approximately 200 fps / 60 m/s higher muzzle velocity. Practical instructions for those considering the choice between Creedmoor and PRC calibers can be given via each user profile itself. Creedmoor is the right choice when the rifle is used for everything, from range training to hunting, where the number of shots is significantly higher than in more precisely defined hunting use.

On the other hand, it is worth turning in the direction of the PRC if the primary use of the rifle is specifically for hunting, where the number of shots remains reasonable. It is also worth considering the different focuses of the hunt, i.e., if the hunt focuses on small game, such as small game and deer, Creedmoor is a good choice, but if the target is mainly big game larger than deer, the PRC is the right choice. Since many hunters like the general rifle as an idea, it is worth reminding that the general rifle can be divided into two different concepts. There are general-purpose rifles for all hunting and shooting jobs, where the gun’s characteristics and weight are compromised. On the other hand, the matter can also be thought of through the caliber, i.e., there are always compromises in the caliber of a general-purpose rifle. Because of this, of these two calibers firing 6.5 mm bullets, it is the 6.5 Creedmoor that has the greater potential as a general-purpose rifle caliber, as its compromises only materialize with the longer shooting distances of larger big game.

While the challenges of the 6.5 PRC lie in the shorter life of the barrel and stronger recoil. The advantages of the magnum are, therefore, only realized with larger and longer shooting distances. To read more about the advantages of these two calibers, discover our tips on selecting the right caliber for your next hunt, and learn which Sako S20 rifle model is right for you, Visit Sako.