Elk NetworkA Day in the Woods with a RMEF Father, Son and Friend

General | December 4, 2020

Below is an email forwarded to us from a Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation member and volunteer.

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to the Team RMEF Bull Run Chapter Committee members and your families!

I hope you enjoy this special day and pause for a moment to give thanks for all the blessings we enjoy. I am in a tree stand listening to a happy little bubbling stream with squirrels running around and crows calling in the distance. Yesterday when I looked at the weather forecast, I was not too interested in hunting today. Last night my youngest son, Adam asked where we would be hunting today and what time we were leaving the house. I commented on the unfavorable weather forecast and he replied that we have hunted every Thanksgiving and that the tradition would continue. I am thankful for the great hunt we had this morning with my son and his college roommate, John. Special times. Just a few days ago, I had the pleasure of guiding John on a hunt when he took his first deer. A day that we all remember.

Enjoy this day and your families and thank you for all you do for RMEF!

Danny Smedley

RMEF Bull Run Chapter Chair

(Photo source: Danny Smedley)