Elk NetworkA Search for Rebirth – A RMEF Film

RMEF Films | December 8, 2018

Historic records show elk once inhabited at least 50 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. But due to human settlement and over-hunting combined with declining habitat, the animals vanished in the mid-to-late 1800’s. A reintroduction attempt took place in the mid 1930’s. It failed and more than 75 years would pass until the sound of a bugling bull would be heard in the woods of Wisconsin.

2018 marked the first managed hunt in the state of Wisconsin, a remarkable success story of a reintroduction in which RMEF provided funding and volunteer manpower.

Each year, RMEF volunteers gather to help state agencies search for newborn calves to acquire data and monitor recruitment. Follow along on that journey in A Search for Rebirth.

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