Elk NetworkAssistant City Attorney, Husband Arrested for Stealing Hunting Gear

General | October 11, 2018

Update (10-10-2018)  According to the Park Record, Utah prosecutors in Salt Lake County charged a husband and wife with two misdemeanors each for stealing hunting equipment earlier this year.

Polly Samuels McLean, assistant Park City attorney, and husband Andrew McLean, a well-known skier, were originally arrested with third-degree felonies which could have included up to five years in prison. Now the two could each face one year in jail.

Currently listed as on leave, Park City is still mulling the employment future of Polly Samuels McLean.

A trail camera set up by a public lands hunter caught an image of the two near where his treestand was set up before it was removed and stolen.  Authorities found his gear in Andrew McLean’s backpack and in the couple’s residence.

Original Story

Utah authorities arrested the assistant Park City attorney and her husband for stealing two tree stands, a trail camera and other gear. Polly Samuels Mclean and Andrew McLean also spent time in jail and face charges of theft and criminal mischief.

Skip Shelton Roberts is a bowhunter. He went into the woods to hunt when he discovered his gear including the locks and ladders were gone. But Roberts had a trail camera nearby and when he checked it he found the above image.

Roberts told the Park Record the act was “premeditated and malicious.” posted the photo to a Facebook group page. Shortly afterwards, word spread, authorities identified the suspects and made the arrest.

“There’s a lot of outdoor enthusiasts in the neighborhood and a lot of anti-hunters. They just think it’s their backyard, so they own it,” Roberts said.

Police issued two search warrants and found the items.

(Photo source: Skip Sheldon Roberts)