Elk NetworkBig Year has RMEF Poised for Milestone in 2011

News Releases | January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011

Big Year has RMEF Poised for Milestone in 2011

MISSOULA, Mont.—A big year in habitat conservation and enhancement in 2010 has the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation poised for a major milestone in 2011. By the end of this year, RMEF could pass the 6 million-acre lifetime mark in habitat protected or enhanced for elk and other wildlife.
David Allen, RMEF president and CEO, says the landmark figure is within reach in 2011 because of two primary reasons.
First, RMEF and its partners in 2010 chalked up 163,658 acres worth of mission accomplishment, for a lifetime total of over 5.9 million. Second, RMEF’s organizational momentum continued to build even through the bumpy economy of the past 12 months.
“While many businesses and nonprofits alike have struggled to keep the lights on, RMEF pressed forward and delivered more good things for elk and hunters. That success speaks to the passion and dedication of our 10,000-plus volunteers nationwide, a record number of new members, an incredible staff and amazing partners,” said Allen.
He added, “If together we can harness the energy and focus and accomplishments from 2010, I believe we’ll see some very special headlines from RMEF in the year ahead.”
RMEF and its partners tallied the following highlights in 2010:

  • Enhanced 89,106 acres, mostly on public lands, for elk and other wildlife
  • Reached lifetime total of 4,963,527 acres, mostly on public lands, enhanced
  • Permanently protected 74,552 acres for elk and other wildlife
  • Reached lifetime total of 973,484 acres permanently protected
  • Surpassed 622,000 acres secured for public access including hunting
  • Launched elk restoration initiatives in Missouri and Virginia
  • Recorded 12 percent growth in RMEF membership for a record total of 178,000
  • Reached 1.3 million people with positive messages on hunting and conservation
  • Received the highest rating, 4 Stars, from America’s top charity ratings service
  • Finished the RMEF fiscal year with budget-positive black ink