Elk NetworkBudweiser, RMEF Remind Hunters of Ethical Responsibilities

News Releases | September 22, 2011

September 22, 2011

Budweiser, RMEF Remind Hunters of Ethical Responsibilities

MISSOULA, Mont.—Two longtime partners in wildlife conservation and responsible outdoor recreation, Budweiser and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are reminding hunters of three general areas of sporting ethics to consider while afield this fall.

Ethics are the unwritten rules of traditional outdoor values. Ethics are what guide a hunter’s behavior when no one else is looking. Personal accountability, conduct and decisions cannot be legislated, but they are among the foundations beneath science-based conservation and wildlife management.

Three general areas of sporting ethics:

1. Honor game, other wildlife and the land

Adhere to the tenets of fair chase. Know the limits of your firearm and ability, and only take shots that you are confident will result in a certain and quick kill. Treat quarry with respect before and after the shot. Make every effort to retrieve and use all edible game. Take only as much as you can use. Be proud of the long tradition and continuing role that hunters play in conserving the wildlife and wild places enjoyed by all Americans.

2. Respect landowners
Always ask permission before hunting on private land, even if it’s posted. Ask every time. Do not assume that being a guest once is an open invitation. Be considerate of farming and ranching operations. Keep safely away from buildings, machinery, livestock and crops. Leave gates as you found them. Treat the land as if it were your own. Thank the landowner after your hunt—offering some of your game is a friendly gesture.

3. Extend courtesy to fellow hunters as well as non-hunters
Know and follow all applicable regulations. But understand that just because an act is legal does not necessarily make it right. Or safe. Respect the customs of the local area where you’re hunting, including the values of those who do not hunt. The Golden Rule always applies. Exercise personal behavior that reflects favorably on your sensibilities both as a good hunter and good citizen.

Hunters should never drink alcohol or use over-the-counter, prescription or other drugs before or during the hunt.

“Many hunters enjoy relaxing with a beer back at the cabin or around a campfire with friends after the hunt,” said Bob Fishbeck, senior manager, Budweiser Brands. “It’s a great way to celebrate the day.”

Budweiser has been the official beer of RMEF for over 23 years.

Since 1999, the “Help Budweiser Conserve the Outdoors” program, along with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and RMEF members, has raised more than $1.1 million for conservation and education.

David Allen, RMEF president and CEO, said, “Budweiser continues to be a true friend to hunters and conservationists, and is one of RMEF’s longest standing and most valuable partners. The company’s dedication to our mission began in 1988 with a major gift for our first-ever permanent land protection project, and it continues today with sponsorship and support on many levels throughout our organization.”