Elk NetworkBull Elk Sports Unique Headdress

General | October 18, 2022

Christmas lights, hammocks, rope, tomato cages, fencing and the list goes on and on. Elk and deer seem to find all types of entanglements that get caught up in their antlers. The latest viral example is really turning some heads.

A bull elk has some sort of decoy jammed between its antlers. Captured on video and posted on the Outdoor Life Instragram page, the animal seems rather nonchalant about the issue as it moves about with the rest of the herd, seemingly without a care.

The headdress may be a result of the September breeding season when bull elk engage with others to show their dominance in an attempt to breed with cow elk.

Wildlife authorities urge landowners to clear their property of anything that may cause issues for wildlife.

(Photo source: Outdoor Life)