Elk NetworkChristensen Arms: Pioneering Carbon Fiber Excellence in Firearms

Sponsored Content | November 17, 2023

In the world of precision firearms, Christensen Arms stands out as a trailblazer, having introduced the first-ever carbon fiber barrel in 1995. The company’s journey into this groundbreaking technology is rooted in aerospace; roots that have fueled the company’s continuous creation of world-class products.

At the heart of Christensen Arms’ innovation lies a meticulous manufacturing process. Their barrels are CNC machined using minimum-diameter match-grade reamers, button rifled, hand-lapped, and optimized for accuracy and performance. What sets them apart is the use of a tapered 416R stainless steel barrel, which is then skillfully hand-wrapped in aerograde quality carbon fiber. This multi-directional wrapping pattern creates exceptional strength, rigidity, barrel harmonics, and heat dissipation.

The choice of materials is strategic. Carbon fiber is approximately four times stronger than steel and twice as stiff. Furthermore, it exhibits minimal expansion and contraction with temperature changes compared to steel and aluminum. This combination of strength, accuracy, and light weight has made Christensen Arms’ carbon fiber barrels a favorite among both hunters and long-range precision shooters.

The commitment to excellence is evident in their stringent quality control measures. Each barrel is inspected to a tolerance of +/- .0002, ensuring that only the highest quality products reach customers. This dedication is backed by a Sub-MOA Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing confidence and assurance to firearm enthusiasts.

Christensen Arms continues to push the boundaries of carbon fiber technology with their latest innovation – Flash Forged Technology (FFT). This revolutionary manufacturing process, developed in-house, takes carbon fiber to new heights. The FFT stocks weigh approximately a full pound less than traditional carbon composite stocks, resulting in rifles that are not only light in weight but heavy on precision, strength, and innovation.

Christensen Arms has earned its reputation as a pioneer in carbon fiber excellence within the firearms industry. From the creation of the world’s first carbon fiber barrel to the latest breakthrough in Flash Forged Technology, their commitment to innovation ensures that firearm enthusiasts can rely on Christensen Arms for cutting-edge, high-performance rifles.