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General | March 23, 2022

Below is a news release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s hunting and angling outreach programs offer clinics and seminars throughout the year to give novice and experienced sportspersons alike opportunities to learn or improve upon their skills.

CPW’s hunter outreach programs offered more than 300 mentored hunts across the state in 2021. The program also incorporates sponsoring agency programs that nonprofits can apply for, and makes dream hunt licenses available to youth with a life-threatening illness or injury, through sponsoring agencies.

On the angling side, CPW hosted well over 100 fishing clinics statewide and helped introduce nearly 3,000 people to the sport of angling. These clinics include warm water, fly fishing, kids events and ice fishing. Additionally, CPW distributes around 6,000 free fishing rods across the state annually.

For 2022, there are already 73 fishing clinics scheduled in the Denver metro area alone.

These hunting and angling clinics and seminars are informative and educational, featuring experienced guest speakers and CPW experts, and they offer a setting in which to meet others who share similar interests and goals.

Seminars are generally classroom-based and cover specific topics such as Hunting 101 for a variety of species or really any skill set needed to be a safe, ethical and successful hunter. Some of the seminars are offered virtually through Zoom and can be found online on CPW’s YouTube Channel.

Clinics are typically more hands-on and oftentimes take place in the field, at the range or on the water, sometimes even on the ice (click here for a video on an Ice Fishing 101 clinic at Eleven Mile State Park). They are usually geared towards fishing, shooting, archery, hunting, or basic outdoor skills. Oftentimes, all the necessary equipment is provided for participants and are free.

“We provide that mentoring and educational aspect to get you started and give you a little bit of confidence so you can get out there on your own safely and effectively,” said Pepper Canterbury, hunting and angling outreach coordinator for CPW’s Northeast region.

Canterbury last year offered 80 days in the field for both big and small game hunts, many of those coming through CPW’s Novice Pheasant Hunter Program (NPHP).

 Video highlighting CPW’s Novice Pheasant Hunter Program

The Novice Pheasant Hunter Program, for adults and youth over the age of 12, supports new hunters, with detailed pheasant hunting knowledge, practical field experience and quality instruction on a trap range. Students must complete three hours of classroom instruction and one half-day field session to receive a NPHP vehicle walk-in access (WIA) permit. Mentored hunts are available during the pheasant hunting season to students who desire additional instruction.

When we can’t meet live to work on our skills, the Hunter Outreach Program also offers an online “Learn to Hunt” series. You can watch recordings of past Learn to Hunt Webinars on our YouTube Playlist.

Upcoming Colorado Outdoor hunting and fishing basics courses include:

(Photo credit:  Colorado Parks and Wildlife)