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Volunteer News | September 23, 2021

Kurt Shepherd has always enjoyed being outdoors. This interest started as a young boy growing up in Lehi, Utah. Whether it was fishing, shooting ducks, or pursuing big game, Kurt was all in. Because of this love and respect for the outdoors, it was only natural that he was drawn to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Over 30 years ago, Kurt joined the Utah County Chapter as a volunteer. He was excited to be with like-minded people who loved the hunting and outdoor culture as much as he did. He volunteered for a few years on the committee, and was then asked to be the merchandise chair, and then the finance chair, until he eventually rose to chapter chairman. Those who know Kurt soon realized that he doesn’t leave anything to chance. He is a planner. His committee knows their position in the chapter, and it runs smoothly every year.

About 11 years ago, Kurt decided that he needed to get his son Chance involved. Chance was 13 at the time and had struggled with anxiety. Kurt felt that the relationship between father, son, and the RMEF could just be the ticket to help. Chance was eager to do anything the chapter asked pertaining to RMEF. He was very focused on each task assigned to him and members found this admirable quality quite unusual for someone his age. He loved RMEF and at the ripe age of 15 RMEF added him to the Utah State Leadership Team as a youth leader. Chance has always had a knack for computers, so he instantly became the state’s IT man. Chance is now 24 and still very active in the Utah RMEF.

It’s obvious that this father and son duo love to be with each other. They volunteer for Utah’s special sportsman’s shows, and most recently the 2021 RMEF Mountain Festival. They took time off work and spent five days working the membership booth. Kurt stated “Our relationship has become stronger than ever through the years. We love to hunt together and spend most of our spare time together. We’re best friends.” The Shepherds are a vital part of the success the RMEF enjoys in Utah. We have all heard it takes a village to get things done, but here in Utah we count on a couple of Shepherds. Kurt is currently a Volunteer Utah State Chair, and Chance is the finance chair for the Utah County Banquet. Both are still active members of the Utah State Leadership Team.