Elk NetworkConservation Funding Continues to Shrink

General | December 20, 2019

To put it simply, more bad news for elk, other wildlife and the wild landscapes they call home. The Wildlife Management Institute reports funding generated by an excise tax (Pittman-Robertson Act) on the sales of guns, ammunition and archery equipment fell by nine percent over the last year. The  funding shortfall mirrors the continued fall in hunting participation numbers.

A statistical breakdown shows total funding dropped from $672,834,498 in fiscal year 2018 to $614,282,525 in fiscal year 2019. Specifically, the sales of shells and cartridges are down 15 percent as are arrow shafts, firearms are down seven percent and pistol and revolver sales are down six percent, but the sales of archery equipment are up four percent.

Funds generated via the Pittman-Robertson Act are vital toward providing much-needed dollars for state and federal wildlife agencies to operate on a day-to-day basis to carry out wildlife management and other important tasks related to both wildlife and wildlife habitat.

On an up note, funds generated by excise tax on fishing equipment, boat motors and small engine and motorboat fuel taxes are up two percent.

(Graphic source: Wildlife Management Institute)