Elk NetworkDavis Tent – Single Shot Bivy Tent

Sponsored Content | March 27, 2024

If you are a bivy user or solo hunter our Single Shot Bivy Tent is just the ticket.

Introducing the ultimate adventurer’s sanctuary: the single-shot bivy tent. Crafted with precision, this compact yet spacious shelter boasts a 5-foot wide front door for seamless entry and exit, spanning a generous 7 feet 6 inches in length to accommodate any explorer. Constructed from lifetime-treated Sunforger canvas, it ensures enduring durability against the elements. Its innovative design features an oversized garage door side, ingeniously doubling as an awning for added versatility in outdoor comfort. With a D-shaped door for effortless access and a user-friendly 6-pole setup, this bivy tent is the peak of convenience and rugged reliability for your wilderness escapades.

Single Shot Tent

5′ front wall height

5′ wide

7’6″ long

Five-minute setup and take-down


Canvas 10.10-ounce material

Sunforger Treated

Garage door that doubles as a front awning

Side D zipper door

6 pole setup for tent

2 additional poles for awning


Learn more about the Single Shot Tent at DavisTent.com