Elk NetworkElk Chased by Wolf, Slams into SUV

General | April 29, 2022

It wasn’t your typical backcountry chase scene. An elk trying to flee from a pursuing wolf ran out of the trees onto Highway 89 in Yellowstone National Park and got hit by an SUV. The collision appears to show it destroyed the driver’s side mirror on impact and sent the elk plunging to the pavement.

“I didn’t look at my dashcam video until I got back to where we were staying at. Originally I thought it happened behind that car. We pulled over for a second and saw the elk on the road and the wolf with it,” Matt Fluke, who recorded the video from his car just ahead of the SUV, told EastIdahoNews.com. “There was a turn out real close and lots of other cars stopping around there. You could see it from where we were at and the car that was behind me pulled over and then pulled out and went down the road. It was wild.”

Fluke says he was only driving about 25 miles an hour when the incident occurred near the Firehole Campground in western portion of the park.

(Video credit:  Matt Fluke)