Elk NetworkElk Hunt Motivates Officer to Drop Weight

General | June 28, 2018

Motivation can move people to make big changes. So can the allure of an upcoming elk hunt—just ask Cpl. McVey of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina.

“I knew I needed to change,” McVey, told WFMY-TV. “Soon I started walking, then I wanted to walk and run, then I was running.”

McVey lost 45 pounds and dropped five uniform sizes over two years. Why? He said he wanted to get into better shape for an upcoming elk hunt and he wanted to do something big before turning 40 years of age.

“When you finally make up your mind to do it, you can accomplish it. I still haven’t accomplished my final goals yet, but I’m working very hard to make that happen,” McVey added.

(Photo source: WFMY-TV)