Elk NetworkHow to Gain Access to Hunt on Private Land

Hunting | September 1, 2017

If you hunt, it’s probably happened to you more than once. You see a nice elk or deer but it is either on the wrong side of the fence or it leaves public land for private land that is inaccessible.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has some suggestions for hunters that may help open the door to gaining access to private land.

  • Show courtesy to the landowner and make hunting arrangements by calling or visiting at times convenient to the landowner.
  • Plan ahead and secure permission well in advance of the actual hunting date.
  • Provide complete information about yourself and your hunting companions, including vehicle descriptions and license numbers.
  • Explain what type of hunting you wish to do, and be sure to ask any questions which can help clarify the conditions of access.
  • Follow the landowner’s instructions, and bring with you only the companions for whom you obtained the landowner’s permission.
  • Be sure to thank the landowner after your hunt.

Something else worth trying is to ask if you can help a rancher with chores or projects during the spring, summer or another time of year.

(Photo source: Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks)