Elk NetworkGear 101 – Bog Grave Digger 4-Hub Ground Blind

Gear 101 | August 12, 2020

When people think of elk hunting, few imagine sitting in a ground blind. However, it can be a great tool for hunting water holes in hot weather or travel corridors where you know you should sit and wait.

If you’ve never hunted elk from a blind, you’re missing a great chance to get up close and personal with the herd. And Bog gear’s new Grave-Digger 4-hub ground blind is just the blind to get you there.

At only 25 pounds, it comes with a backpack for easy transport and set up takes only a few minutes. Top and bottom loops make brushing in the blind easy, while heavy duty stakes with tie downs afford solid anchor points.

Bog’s unique design fits up to four hunters and allows for a 360-degree view. The camo curtain windows with silent track retention system allow you to see the elk, but they can’t see you.

The 300 denier (den-yer) oxford fabric material is tough, UV protected and features Realtree Escape to help it blend in. It has a water resistant polyurethane coating to keep out the elements as you stay dry inside.

A double-width door and an asymmetrical shape allows shooters to stand, while a silent zipper system keeps noise to a minimum.

This fall, stay warm, stay hidden and get closer with Bog Gear’s new Grave Digger 4-Hub Ground Blind.

Learn more at: www.boghunt.com