Elk NetworkGear 101 – Bog Great Divide Western Tripod

Gear 101 | November 8, 2019

Whether glassing from the side of a mountain or dialing in a precise cross-canyon shot, you’ll appreciate the many features of BOG’s Great Divide Western Tripod.

Engineered to give you a stable, lightweight and adaptable shooting platform, the Great Divide can quickly switch from scouting to shooting thanks to the Switcheroo Shooting 2 system.

The fluid head is compatible with all Arca-type accessories, and it can pan and tilt up to 60-degrees and pan a full 360 allowing freedom to scan entire hillsides easily.

The legs are made of lightweight, but strong, carbon fiber with each of the five leg sections outfitted with rapid adjustment lever locks for fast and easy setup. Each leg can be set at one of three angles to accommodate different positions depending on terrain.

The tripod can adjust up to 68 inches tall, with an extendable center column. For ultimate traction, the base of the legs feature the All-Terrain Footing System with rubber feet to absorb shock and vibration as well as deliver nonslip performance on smooth and wet surfaces. For especially slippery situations, the rubber feet twist up to reveal steel tips that provide enhanced traction.

If your hunting style includes long days glassing and the need for a solid shooting set-up, then be sure to check out the Great Divide Western tripod.