Elk NetworkGear 101 – Browning Ammunition 28 Nosler

Gear 101 | December 11, 2020

In 2020, Browning ammo introduced their 28 Nosler ammo, and it doesn’t disappoint. If you like the 7mm and ever wanted a little more juice behind your bullet, then check out the 28 Nosler.

To suit any shooter’s needs, Browning has three versions featuring their Long Range, BXC and BXS bullets.

First up is the 160 grain Long Range Loaded with Sierra Tipped MatchKing boat-tailed bullets for high-ballistic coefficients.

Next is the 155-grain BXC, which features Browning’s controlled-expansion tip, making it a great choice for big game like elk.

And finally the 139-grain BXS features Browning’s solid Polymer tipped copper bullet designed to achieve deep penetration.

Learn more at: Browning Ammo