Elk Network#HuntingIsConservation Campaign Reaches 7 Million, Sets Crosshairs on Economic Impact

News Releases | July 21, 2016

July 21, 2016

#HuntingIsConservation Campaign Reaches 7 Million,
Sets Crosshairs on Economic Impact

MISSOULA, Mont.—The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s #HuntingIsConservation social media campaign, designed to educate hunters and non-hunters alike, reached more than 7.4 million* people since its launch in January.

“We believe this campaign is making a tangible difference. It highlights the significant role hunting and hunters play in providing the primary funding and boots-on-the-ground for land and wildlife conservation efforts across North America,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing.

The campaign’s first six months offered infographics and videos highlighting RMEF’s 25 Reasons Why Hunting Is Conservation. Now it will shift gears and focus on the economic benefit provided by hunters and anglers within the borders of their home states.

“Just five years ago, hunters across the nation spent more than $38 billion** in 2011 alone. That spending supports more than 680,000 jobs, ranging from biologists and game wardens to motel workers and small ma and pa business owners. It also has a profound and substantial impact on the immediate economy where hunters live,” added Decker.

The campaign will highlight state-specific data from each of America’s 50 states found in the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation’s 2013 Sportsmen’s Economic Impact Report.

Primary posts are made weekly on RMEF’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube social media platforms.

#HuntingIsConservation campaign charter sponsors include ALPS Outdoorz, Cabela’s Outdoors Fund, Federal Premium Ammunition, Leupold, Realtree, Under Armour and YETI Coolers.

RMEF welcomes and encourages other outdoor industry participants, sportsmen and women to share the #HuntingIsConservation posts.

*cited number do not include additional reach through traditional media such as print, television and radio or social media posts by independent followers

**America’s Sporting Heritage: Fueling the American Economy (Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation)