Elk NetworkHunting Is Conservation – Hunting Reduces Vehicle-Wildlife Collisions

Conservation | October 9, 2020

There is no doubt about it. Roads and highways can be dangerous…even deadly for drivers and wildlife alike.

In fact, statistics show vehicle-deer collisions kill more than 200 motorists a year nationwide and cost $7.5 billion in damage.

Wildlife managers hone in on locations where deer, elk and other wildlife populations are especially dense and make adjustments for the overall health of the herd.

The number-one tool they utilize to make that happen…is hunting!

Quotas are determined based on population size, location, species, sex of species, time of year and other factors that may include disease management or even damage to agricultural crops.

The result is a wildlife population that better “fits” the landscape, and an ecosystem that features greater biodiversity because hunting helps prevent the overbrowsing of vegetation by deer and other ungulates.

And that means enhanced habitat for all wildlife species including small mammals and even song birds.

One more point to consider regarding human safety and roadways…for every deer hit by a driver, hunters take six.

In addition, they willingly pay for that opportunity to do so by purchasing licenses and fees that go directly toward wildlife management and conservation efforts from coast to coast.

Managing wildlife populations, improving biodiversity and human safety, promoting conservation and valuing wildlife…it is more than evident that Hunting Is Conservation.