Elk NetworkHunting Is Not Just for Guys

General | June 5, 2018

Among other things, hunting provides savory meat for meals, the opportunity to learn outdoor skills and the chance to strengthen friendships in the field. A recent article penned by Brian Sexton shines a light on how hunting is not just a man’s activity.

“A couple of seasons ago, my wife and I harvested a cow elk. Brooks stayed by my side all day, watching intently as I butchered the meat into steaks, stew meat and burger. She was fascinated by the impromptu lesson in anatomy mixed with culinary arts. This year she will turn 6, and I’ll buy her a BB gun so we can plink cans in the backyard. As I teach and encourage her, I am fairly certain that my youngest will also be by my side, soaking up the lessons like a sponge,” wrote Sexton in the Jackson Hole News & Guide.

Given that hunters provide vital funding for conservation, it’s crucial that the next generation, whether female or male, is exposed to hunting.

“Over the next decade or so, the girls will choose whether hunting is for them. I can only hope that if they’ve learned to like to hunt, they will rejoice in learning skills they’ll use in some of the West’s most beautiful places. At the very least, I hope that the girls will be comfortable enough with hunting to help their old man pack out elk quarters when his beard is gray, his back is hunched and his knees are blown out,” writes Sexton.

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