Elk NetworkInfo Sought in Central Utah Elk Poaching Case

General | November 2, 2020

Below is a news release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officers are seeking information after two bull elk were illegally killed in Sevier County earlier this month.

The two bull elk were illegally shot and left to waste on the Fishlake Mountain during the general spike bull elk hunt. One elk was shot in early October in Sheep Valley, and the second elk was shot in the middle of October near Daniel’s Pass.

“If anyone has any information of who illegally shot and wasted these elk, please contact us,” DWR Conservation Officer Eric Bond said.

Anyone with information regarding the illegal killing of these elk, or any other wildlife, is encouraged to contact the UTiP Hotline at 800-662-3337. You can also report any illegal wildlife activity on the DWR website. If you have information about this specific case, you can also contact DWR Officer Eric Bond at 435-287-8427. Rewards are available, and requests for confidentiality are respected.

Every year Utah conservation officers conduct numerous investigations into the illegal killing of wildlife. In 2019, officers confirmed that over 1,000 animals were illegally killed, with a total value of over $408,000.

For 2020, Remington partnered with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to increase the visibility of poaching incidents in an effort to reduce poaching nationwide.

(Photo source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)