Elk NetworkJogger Strangles Mountain Lion to Death after It Attacks Him

General | February 6, 2019

A man jogging near Fort Collins, Colorado, was attacked by a mountain lion but he fought back in a big way. According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), he hit the animal with a rock and then choked it to death.

“The runner did everything he could to save his life. In the event of a lion attack you need to do anything in your power to fight back just as this gentleman did,” said Mark Leslie, CPW Northeast Region manager.

The man suffered bite wounds on his face and wrist as the lion would not let go of him. At that point, he used his free hand to pick up a rock and strike it in the head.  He then managed to get on its back and strangle it to death using his hands, arms and feet.

“It’s an amazing story. Everyone is baffled and impressed,” Rebecca Ferrell, CPW spokesperson, told The Gazette. “He had no weapons, no knives or trekking poles with him.”

After the incident, the man drove himself to the hospital where he received treatment before being released.

According to CPW, mountain lions killed three people and injured 16 more in Colorado since 1990.

(Photo source: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service)