Elk NetworkMore Kentucky Elk Arrive in Wisconsin

Conservation | March 27, 2017

(UPDATE: Video has been removed by Wisconsin DNR) Twenty-eight more elk are on the ground in the Flambeau River State Forest as part of continuing restoration efforts in Wisconsin. Once released from their seven-acre holding pen to satisfy quarantine and animal health testing requirements, the elk will join the current Clam Lake herd.

“We are very excited to be adding more elk to the northern elk herd – working alongside Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources staff has been such a positive experience,” said Cathy Stepp, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) secretary. “This is yet another milestone we would not have reached without help from Kentucky and our other partners – whether through volunteer hours or donations, their support has led to a true team effort.”

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation provided funding along with the Ho-Chunk Nation, U.S. Forest Service, Jackson County Wildlife Fund, Chippewa tribes and others.

DNR staff worked closely with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources staff to make sure trapping efforts in Kentucky were both successful and efficient over the past three years.

The task of actually bringing elk to Jackson County is complete, and we are now shifting our relocation efforts to the northern herd,” said Kevin Wallenfang, DNR deer and elk ecologist. “Our hope is to deliver up to 75 elk to the Clam Lake area over two years, but we have an option to return for a fifth year if necessary.”

RMEF previously assisted with successful elk restoration efforts in Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia and Ottawa, Canada.