Elk NetworkKnots You Need To Know For Elk Camp

Gear 101 | July 17, 2018

Elk camp is rarely taken down in ideal weather. The wind howls, the mercury heads south, and sleet pounds down. The last thing you need to do is take off your gloves to fumble with a tangled mess of rope. Knowing just a few key knots can help make your elk camp and elk hunt a little smoother this season. These four knots are quite handy in the field.1. Cow Hitch
An incredibly simple knot to tie and untie. Use it to attach rope to another object, such as a grommet on a tarp.
2. Sheet Bend
This handy knot is used to tie two pieces of rope together.
3. Taut Line Hitch
Used to tighten or loosen a length of rope. It works great to connect a rain fly to tent stakes.
4. Bow line
This knot creates a fairly solid (no slip) loop at the end of a rope. It’s a good knot to use if you need to haul someone or something and you don’t want it to cinch tight.
Any other knots you think are critical? Share them below.