Elk NetworkLoading Your Own Ammo: Nosler’s Reloading Guide

General | September 7, 2021

These days, most modern premium ammunition is factory loaded to perform with extreme accuracy right out of the box, but any serious hunter and shooter knows that rifles can be picky. When hunting large game, nothing should be left to chance. That’s why many outdoorsmen choose to spend extra time squeezing every last ounce of performance out of their firearms by loading their own ammunition.

Reloading, also called handloading, is a longtime hobby that dates back generations. Aside from being considered a rewarding hobby by many shooting sports enthusiasts, there are lots of practical benefits to loading your own ammo. One of the biggest draws to reloading is that shooters can tailor their loads to their specific rifle which, often times, results in enhanced performance and repeatability. Reloading can also expand opportunities to shoot specific firearms for which factory ammo may not be readily available, or be useful when faced with an ammo shortage (sound familiar?)

If you’re new to reloading or interested in learning the ropes, it can seem overwhelming at first. There’s a lot to learn, as well as some initial equipment and resources you’ll need to get up and running. Luckily, the folks at Nosler have been reloading since reloading became a thing. Considered one of the leading shooting sports companies in the world, Nosler has spent over 70 years solidifying their reputation for producing some of the best, most accurate bullets and component brass for handloading. There’s no doubt about it in the shooting industry- no one knows reloading like Nosler. In fact, in 1976 the company started their own series of Reloading Guides to help guide both new and seasoned reloaders with all the latest data and techniques needed for optimal reloading. Every few years, an updated volume is released and becomes an instant hit, containing cartridge introductions by outdoor writers, as well as sections like Getting Ready to Reload filled with beginner tips from Nosler’s reloading experts.

Five years in the making, Nosler’s latest Reloading Guide # 9 is available now. Built from thousands of hours of data shot in the Nosler Ballistics Lab, the latest volume is 800 pages filled with the most comprehensive reloading data available on the market, featuring 101 cartridges, hundreds of new powder additions, 9 new cartridges, plus stories and articles from industry icons. Whether a beginner or veteran reloader, this book is a must-have on any reloading bench.

Get yours here – > https://www.nosler.com/