Elk NetworkLooking Forward to Utah’s 2019 Elk, Deer Hunt

General | August 12, 2019

According to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), there are an estimated 80,000 elk currently in Utah. The DWR management plan involves managing for just over 79,000 elk so “we are at our objective for elk statewide,” said Covy Jones, DWR big game coordinator. 

“The total population number has stayed the same for the last couple years, and we are maintaining that number. There are a lot of elk out there,” added Jones. 

DWR biologists estimate there are more than 370,000 mule deer in Utah which marks a 100,000 increase since 2011.  

“Hunters who are targeting bull elk and buck mule deer should expect some of the best antler growth they have ever seen,” Jones said. “It’s been a great year for deer and elk. With the wet spring, habitat has flourished, providing the necessary nutrition for antler growth. Hunters are set up to have a very memorable year.” 

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(Photo source: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources)