Elk NetworkLouisiana Scientist Claims Breakthrough in CWD Research

General | December 15, 2017

A neuropathologist at the LSU AgCenter in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, says he developed a way to grow bacteria that causes Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and other ailments.

“This is really exciting news because this allows me to work on the bacteria, while other laboratories with access to chronic wasting disease-affected deer tissues can conduct research also,” said Frank Bastian.

CWD is a progressive, deadly neurological disease for deer, elk and moose that led to steep declines in wildlife populations in other states. Montana is the latest of 21 states and two Canadian provinces to officially confirm its presence within its borders.

Bastian believes he is now within a year or two of being able to produce a test that hunters can use to determine whether their kill is infected with chronic wasting disease.

“I would like to give hunters a test kit that they can carry in the woods so they can test their kill for presence of the bacteria while they are in the field,” Bastian said. “Hunters need to know whether their kill is infected before they consume the meat.”

Read the entire LSU AgCenter news release here.

(Photo source: LSU AgCenter)