Elk NetworkMerchandise Catalog Goes Digital in 2021

Conservation , Volunteer News | September 22, 2020

As we move into 2021, we will see some welcome improvements to RMEF’s Event Management System and the way we order merchandise from our vendors. One of those improvements is RMEF’s Event Merchandise & Underwriting Catalog.

For 2021, the catalog will only available be in a digital format. This is a big but necessary change for the organization. It will save RMEF thousands of dollars, which allows us to put more money back out on the ground doing more good for elk and elk country.

Volunteers will be able to download the catalog prior to ordering merchandise for their upcoming banquet, or follow along when ordering via a sharable web link. The move to a digital catalog will ensure that our chapters are ordering product that is in stock and available from our vendors and the RMEF warehouse. Going digital also offers RMEF and our vendors much more flexibility including the ability to add, substitute or discontinue products when necessary. This flexibility will help make the RMEF and our chapters more effective in fundraising efforts by eliminating, for the most part, any issues that a vendor may have with meeting the needs of our chapters from coast to coast.

If they choose to do so, chapter volunteers will still have the ability to print out the catalog once it is downloaded. Another nice feature available to chapters is to use the Event Management System to produce an underwriting catalog of the items the chapter already purchased for its upcoming fundraiser. This is a great strategy to maximize underwriting for an event because there will only be items in the catalog purchased specifically for the upcoming event.

Good luck in all your fundraising efforts in 2021!