Elk NetworkMore Women Taking Up Recreational Shooting, Hunting

General | May 15, 2019

There’s a different, most welcome look at many shooting ranges around the nation. More and more women are picking up recreational shooting. They are also embracing hunting.

According to a report on CBS This Morning, the number of women who target shoot shot up nearly 70 percent to more than 6.4 million participants over the last decade. Over that same time, the number of females who hunt increased 43 percent to 3.3 million.

Conley Crimmins received a gun as a Christmas present several years ago from her father.

“Did I start crying? I think I started crying when I opened it up,” Crimmins told CBS This Morning. “It was kind of like my dad giving me a permanent present or a permanent invitation to come join him hunting. And that has been true since I got that gun.”

Shooters are drawn to the activity because it presents them with an opportunity to learn, practice, concentrate and get better.

“It was thinking really hard about what you’re doing, executing and you see results really quickly. I think which is instantly gratifying,” said Rebecca Peters, a fourth generation competitive shooter. “And you’re taking someone new and they see that. That’s when it happens and you get really hooked.”

Watch the CBS This Morning video report here.

(Photo source: CBS News)

Video link:  https://www.cbsnews.com/video/calling-the-shots-more-women-take-up-sports-shooting-as-hobby/?fbclid=IwAR1D-1Kq4_Nwl4B07G0NcODahrwP3ferET6JIHmr40M1pfeHm9w2zK6gv18