Elk NetworkMountain Lion Spots Elk Mount, Crashes Through Window

General | June 4, 2021

If you search the headlines, you will find more and more incidents of mountain lions roaming neighborhoods and making their way through cities and towns. Here are two of the more recent high profile cases.

In San Bruno, California, a mountain lion jumped from a fence and crashed through a window into a couple’s home. A police department news release speculated the animal saw taxidermy trophy mounts of an elk and a bison inside.

“My eyes locked on this huge animal and I went, ‘What the hell is that?’ ” said a homeowner.

“A mountain lion on our couch,” her husband responded, as reported by KTVU-TV.

After scurrying around, knocking over a TV and making a bit of a mess, it eventually escaped.

“It’s not very common, but it has happened in the past,” Patrick Foy, California Fish and Wildlife spokesman, told KTVU-TV. “And there’s no real way to understand exactly what has motivated those animals to do that.”

In the small central Washington town of Ephrata, a mountain lion forced its way through a screen door and into a house. According to Yaktrinews.com, wildlife officials tranquilized it and the animal eventually collapsed in the kitchen sink, just as the above photo shows. They later released it into an area far away from any town.

(Photo source:  Ephrata Washington Police Department)