Elk NetworkNebraska Commission Approves Free-Earned Landowner Elk Permit Program

General | October 29, 2021

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission amended its wildlife regulations to create the Free-earned Landowner Elk Permit Program at its Oct. 22 meeting in North Platte.

In the program, a person who owns or leases at least 80 acres of farm- or ranchland for agricultural purposes qualifies for an either-sex elk permit following the verification of 10 general antlerless elk harvests; immediate family members are eligible for the permit.

The free-earned landowner elk permit was created during the 2021 Legislative Session. The goal is to increase hunting access opportunities and antlerless elk harvest, and to benefit landowners who regularly have elk on their property but can’t always draw a landowner permit.

Immediate family includes spouse, child, stepchild, spouse of child or stepchild, sibling sharing ownership or spouse of sibling.

The free-earned permit does not affect eligibility for general or landowner permits.

The Commission also approved an elk management plan, which describes the agency’s goal of managing elk at acceptable population levels while providing Nebraskans with quality hunting and viewing opportunities.

(Photo source: Nebraska Game and Parks Commission)