Elk NetworkNew Tech Product For Elk Hunters

Sponsored Content | August 23, 2021

If you can’t hear bugling bulls like you used to, TETRA Hearing, a new hearing technology company can help.

Most elk hunters can tell you the exact moment he or she heard that first bugle echo across the landscape. It’s exhilarating and it’s what we elk hunters live for.

Unfortunately, as we age, many of us live a lifestyle that takes its toll on our hearing. Harmful loud noise from our occupations, hobbies, yard work and more, take their toll on our ears. For average hunters, if hearing ability fades, so too can the enjoyment of the hunt.

Recently, a new technology company has emerged that’s dedicated to helping hunters get their edge back.

Founded in 2019, TETRA Hearing has caused quite a stir in the turkey hunting world with their AmpPods product. The ratings and reviews from turkey hunters are through the roof (90%+ 5-star). A quick read of a few of them and it’s obvious the product has changed the game for many desperate and struggling hunters.

TETRA took the same patent-pending technology that enhances turkey sounds and built Elk AmpPods. Elk AmpPods enhance the sounds of bugles, cow calls, twigs snapping, and more. The proprietary STO (Specialized Target Optimization) technology helps hunters accurately pinpoint direction and distance for more effective calling setups and shot opportunities.

While crucial sounds of the hunt are enhanced, the rest of the natural world – birds chirping, footsteps, talking to hunting buddies – all sound normal. A natural auditory experience is what TETRA prides itself on. Founder and CEO Bill Dickinson is an audiologist with a PhD from Vanderbilt University. After a career in the hearing aid industry, he combined his background with his passion for hunting to start TETRA.

“My entire professional career has been spent helping people hear better,” says Dickinson. “Nothing is more rewarding than knowing TETRA helped a fellow hunter have a more successful and enjoyable experience with a renewed ability to hear the hunt.”

The process for ordering TETRA products starts on their website with a quick online hearing test. Based on the results, Elk AmpPods are then programmed specifically for an individual’s hearing ability. Within a few days, your customized Elk AmpPods are in your hands and ready for chasing bugles.

In addition to TETRA’s Amp series for elk and turkey hunters, TETRA also builds a Shield series for high-volume shooting pursuits like waterfowl and upland hunting. To see TETRA’s entire product lineup and to take a hearing test, visit tetrahearing.com.