Elk NetworkOregon Ranch, RMEF Contribute to Healthy Elk Habitat

General | December 3, 2021

Below is a news release issued by the Longview Ranch.

A grass-fed cattle ranch located in picturesque central Oregon, Longview Ranch maintains 30,000 acres of diverse landscape in the John Day River Territory. The team at Oregon’s Longview Ranch is committed to serving as a steward for the community and has passionately undertaken sustainable practices that show respect for the land.

Each year, Oregon’s Longview Ranch partners with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, which is committed to ensuring the future of elk, their habitat and hunting heritage. To help the Union County Chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation raise money, Oregon’s Longview Ranch donates a youth elk hunt, inviting kids 18 and under to visit the property, harvest cow elk and assist in processing game.

Last year, the package sold for $3,200 with a 12-year-old young lady enjoying her first elk hunt.

(Photo credit: Longview Ranch)