Elk NetworkOregon Volunteers Brave Elements to Improve Passage for Elk, Other Wildlife

Conservation | June 4, 2021

Below is a post by the Oregon Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Facebook page.

On May 22nd and 23rd, RMEF volunteers contributed nearly 80 hours towards removing barbed wire from critical elk wintering ground in Eastern Oregon. Volunteers and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff removed a 1.05 mile perimeter exclosure fence that that was originally constructed to act as a control plot and protect tree plantings.  However, it created a hazard on the winter range where elk became entangled in the wire.

The exclosure was seven wires tall reaching a height of roughly six feet. Working through snow, rain and even some sunshine, when the project was complete, it is estimated that 7.35 miles of barbed wire were removed/rolled, nearly 550 steel T-posts/fence stays pulled, and 3800 staples/clips removed from the landscape!

Thank you to all the volunteers who contributed to this project to help improve our state for wildlife!

An additional Oregon RMEF Facebook post highlights a volunteer effort to construct safe fence crossings. The wildlife-friendly structures allow elk and deer to safely cross fencing to and from meadows. Go here to view additional volunteer opportunities.

(Photo source:  Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation)