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News Releases | November 18, 2011

November 18, 2011

‘Outdoor Life’ Shines a Light on RMEF

MISSOULA, Mont.—“Outdoor Life” magazine has included the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation on a list of those making significant positive impacts on hunting and fishing.
The fifth annual “OL 25” list for 2011 includes RMEF President and CEO David Allen and RMEF past board member Dr. Valerius Geist. Profiles on both, as well as 23 others on the list, are in the magazine’s December/January edition. Profiles also can be viewed online at www.outdoorlife.com .
An introductory graph from “Outdoor Life” editors says, “While these 25 men and women have different backgrounds and accomplishments, they all have one thing in common: they’ve spent their life working to better hunting, fishing and conservation.”
RMEF in October recorded its 6 millionth acre of habitat conserved or enhanced for elk and other wildlife. This accomplishment, in addition to the “OL 25” list, is highlighted on the “Outdoor Life” website and latest electronic newsletter. Visit www.outdoorlife.com  for a photo gallery of a few RMEF projects completed along the way to the 6 million-acre landmark.
Allen says credit for RMEF’s accomplishments belongs to the organization’s volunteers, members and staff.
“We have some of the greatest folks in wildlife conservation, and it’s a special moment for our team and our cumulative effort to be recognized by one of the oldest and most respected voices in the outdoors,” he said.
The “OL 25” list is composed of five sub-categories: Leaders, Conservationists, Unsung Heroes, Innovators and Helping Hands. Allen and Geist are both named in the “Leaders” category.
“Outdoor Life” Executive Editor Andrew McKean said, “David Allen has transformed RMEF into one of America’s most effective conservation organizations. His commitment to public hunting, landscape-scale habitat conservation and restoration of elk to their historic range benefits all hunters, no matter where they live and no matter what species they hunt.”
RMEF founders Charlie Decker and Bob Munson made the “OL 25” list in 2009, and others with RMEF ties have been named through the years.