Elk NetworkPartners Collaborate to Enhance Idaho Elk Habitat

Conservation | February 25, 2020

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, and U.S. Forest Service generated $400,000 to apply toward habitat improvement projects in the Clearwater region, an area roughly south of Coeur d’Alene to north of McCall.

Specific treatments include forest thinning, prescribed fire, aspen regeneration and noxious weed control, all in an effort to improve overall forest health which enhances habitat for elk, deer and a wide range of other wildlife.

Historically, wildfire had a recurrent natural presence on the landscape, removing infected and diseased forest, and rejuvenating vegetation to its earliest and most nutritious stage. Over the last century, however, fire suppression nearly eliminated this natural disturbance, and removed several important elk forage species (such as aspen) that require fire to persist on the landscape. Many factors influence elk populations, but habitat is one of the most important.

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(Photo source: Idaho Department of Fish and Game)