Elk NetworkPopular Actor Gets Trolled for Supporting Hunter

General | December 12, 2017

Chris Pratt, an avid elk hunter, is best known for his acting roles in Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy but he’s getting a lot of negative attention for one recent tweet.

A young female fan reached out to him via Twitter, “@prattprattpratt What’s your favorite thing to hunt? I got a spike a couple of weeks ago!”

“I like it all but it’s hard to beat a good elk hunt. Congrats on your deer!” Pratt replied.

From there it got ugly.

“Knew Chris Pratt was a hunting fan already, but seeing him congratulate someone on the slaughter of a deer on twitter? Ugh.”

“I’ve never been more unattracted to Chris Pratt in my life.”

“And just like that. I hate.”

“What a piece of scum.”

“I hope someone hunts you.”

Others defended him.

“Everyone’s pretending to be shocked and outraged over the fact that Chris Pratt enjoys hunting. Cue hate mob. Stay strong, Chris.”

“We play a role in the eco system too and we have government programs to keep people in check from killing too many. If we didn’t hunt, there would be too many elk/deer & they would starve to death anyway.”