Elk NetworkResearch: Hunting, Fishing License Sales Surge Thanks to Younger Generation

General | November 9, 2020

Call it COVID-related, more time to explore the outdoors or maybe just a new desire to hunt and fish, but hunting and fishing participation is on an upswing. New research provided by Southwick Associates shows younger women and men are fueling an increase in license sales.

The 2020 sales surge erased a declining trend in hunting and fishing sales since 2016 – especially on the part of younger adult females. In the first half of 2020, the number of males buying a fishing or hunting license experienced an eight percent jump from 2019 while female participation increased 24 percent.

Regarding those new to hunting and fishing, the number of men increased 24 percent, while the number of new women skyrocketed with a 49 percent increase. Growth in those new to hunting and fishing grew the most among people in the broader 18-44 age bracket.

Researchers emphasized these increases are only license buying trends and may not necessarily reflect all increases in overall fishing and hunting participation.

Go here to see more numbers and other information about the research.

(Photo source: North Dakota Game, Fish and Parks)