Elk NetworkRMEF Awarded First-Ever Virginia Elk Conservation Tag

Conservation | June 6, 2022

In an effort to bolster wildlife habitat and management projects within its elk management zone, the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) awarded its first-ever elk conservation license to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. DWR requires the license to be distributed via a raffle so RMEF will oversee the process. Over the years, RMEF generated significant funding for various state wildlife agencies by raffling or auctioning off elk tags for them.

Virginia’s inaugural managed elk hunt will take place October 8-14, 2022. DWR announced five winners of its elk hunt drawing in a general random lottery on May 27. The conservation license is separate from those tags but like the others it is only for an antlered elk. However, the conservation license is open to non-residents and is the only opportunity a non-resident may have to hunt in the elk zone in Virginia. Its recipient must purchase a Virginia hunting license ($40 resident, $400 nonresident). Elk permits are not transferable to anyone else.

The winner of the elk conservation license raffle will be announced at the RMEF Southwest Virginia Coalfields Chapter banquet on August 13 at 3 p.m. In addition to the tag, the grand prize winner will also receive an elk hunter’s essential package that also includes a rifle, hunting gear and apparel. Second through fourth place winners will each receive a rifle and the fifth place winner gets a $250 gift card. Go here to enter the raffle and for additional information.

RMEF has a long, active history in Virginia that includes providing both funding and volunteer support to successfully restore wild, free-ranging elk to their historic Old Dominion range in 2012. Dating back to 1993, RMEF and its partners completed 82 conservation and hunting heritage projects in Virginia with a combined value of more than $2.1 million.

(Photo credit:  Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources)