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Conservation | July 19, 2017

For the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, THIS is an especially meaningful landscape. Way back in 1987, at the ripe age of three, RMEF purchased what was then the 17,167 acre Robb Creek Ranch…igniting what has become one of the legendary hallmarks of its mission—permanent protection of critical elk habitat.  Located on the western slopes of the Snowcrest Mountains in southwest Montana, the Robb-Ledford Wildlife Management Area is a special place: rolling range lands and perennial streams provide vital habitat for thousands of elk and are home to moose, mule and whitetail deer, antelope, game and song birds, waterfowl and wild trout. One year later in 1988, RMEF conveyed the property to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Today, the former ranch land makes up a significant portion of the wildlife management area and, as was first intended decades ago, it is forever open for hunters, anglers and other folks to enjoy.

The Robb Creek Ranch transaction catapulted RMEF into the big leagues of conservation.

It stands as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlights how Hunting Is Conservation.