Elk NetworkSee a Moose? Keep Your Distance

General | October 29, 2018

“Thanks to our sportsmen and the hard work of CPW managers, we have very healthy moose populations in Colorado,” said Elissa Slezak, CPW district wildlife manager. “They are a charismatic species that inspire awe and fascination, but people also need to understand how dangerous moose can be if you are irresponsible around them. A moose that is provoked can seriously injure or even kill someone.”

Slezak says people can enjoy watching moose if done properly and from a safe distance, but based on her experience, too many people are uninformed about moose behavior and frequently get too close.

“Moose do not fear humans so it can lead some to think they are friendly – I assure you they are not,” she said. “Many people get into trouble because moose appear docile at first and don’t run away when people approach, but when a moose has decided you’ve invaded their space they can move very fast and it’s often too late to get away. And when it comes to defending their young, cow moose will protect their calves very aggressively, especially in the presence of dogs.”