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General | May 2, 2017

A few weeks ago, my Grandpa and I went hunting up on the National Forest by Gold Creek in the Bitterroot Valley. We didn’t drive too long when we saw about four Jakes and Toms. We pulled over the truck and I hid behind the bank of ditch. I crawled about 50 yards to get closer and was able to shoot the big Tom with my rifle.

Then we went and looked somewhere else and found some more turkeys. We hid behind the ditch again and my Grandpa shot his.

I gave my turkey to my uncle who was visiting from Washington. He had never eaten wild turkey before so I gave it to him to cook it up.

I find turkey hunting really fun with my Grandpa. We go every spring and fall. We’ve also hunted elk and deer and this year we’re going to go antelope hunting for the first time.

I enjoy hunting because we have fun with family and I’m able to test my skills of shooting a gun.
Briggs Dugan
Age 16
Hamilton, Montana

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