Elk NetworkThree Traits of a Quality Hunting Scope

General | December 6, 2022

A quality hunting scope needs three things. First, it has to produce a clear sight picture, especially in low-light conditions. Two, it helps, not hinders, fast target acquisition. And three, it needs a bulletproof warranty. With Burris Fullfield scopes, you get all three.

Burris has been designing, engineering, and building the Fullfield line of scopes for over 50 years. Why build one model for so long? Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Fulfilled scopes are consistently the best glass in their class. But that doesn’t mean Burris hasn’t worked to improve the line over time. Here’s how Burris checks all the boxes to make one heck of a reliable hunting scope.

Low-light Performance

Burris’ line of Fullfield scopes is designed to gather as much available light as possible and direct it to your eye. Using multi-coated lenses to “tune” reflected light, Burris lenses reduce distortion and create a clear sight picture. The tubes are filled with nitrogen, which keeps fog and moisture out of the picture.

Fast Target Acquisition

As the name suggests, the Fullfield line gives hunters a wide field of view (FOV). These variable power scopes range from 2.5x and up, allowing you to see plenty of that hillside. For instance, the FOV for the Fullfield IV 2.5-10×42 mm ranges from 46-11 ft. In addition, hunters can choose from seven reticle options, ranging from the standard fine plex to the Ballistic E3, which pairs nicely with the Burris Connect app for ballistics data.

Company Support

If you’ve ever leaned your rifle against the truck, forgot it was there, and backed over it, you can appreciate the Forever Warranty. Burris will repair or replace your scope if something breaks or malfunctions on or in the scope—no questions asked. There is no fee or replacement charge, and it’s transferable.

It’s not likely you’ll need that Forever Warranty (unless a horse or truck is involved) because Burris uses steel hardware for turret adjustments—no plastic here. In short, Fulfilled scopes give hunters everything they need and nothing they don’t. It’s a scope built by hunters for hunters. And they’re worth a look.