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News Releases | February 10, 2009

February 10, 2009

Traveling Trophies Promote Elk Foundation Habitat Message

MISSOULA, Mont.— Massive antlers are a product of age, genetics and habitat. Encouraging habitat stewardship and conservation is the goal of a 2009 Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation traveling exhibit of trophy-class elk.
The RMEF Great Elk Tour, themed “Great Elk Need Great Habitat,” is appearing across the U.S. at sports and outdoor shows, retail locations, Pro Bull Riders events and more.
Continually updated schedules, photos of the mounts and other details are available at www.greatelktour.org.
Sponsors include Blaser, Brunton, Hunter’s Specialties, Realtree, Sitka and Trijicon.
The tour features six monster bulls:
Arizona—Specimens for 2009 include two bulls from Arizona. One is a unique three-antlered non-typical elk that gross scores 341. Hunter Troy Pfennigs took the bull from the White River area in 2006. The second Arizona bull has typical antlers grossing 402-2/8. P.T. Carter found one of the sheds and then acquired the mate from an antler dealer.
Montana—Two bulls from Montana are included for 2009. The first is a set of non-typical sheds with a gross score of 404-6/8. Kyle Libsack found the sheds last year in Park County. The second Montana elk is a unique winterkill bull found in 2008 by Tom Benedict in southwest Montana. The bull gross scores 311.
North Dakota—
This 397-1/8 gross-score bull from Billings County was taken by Terry Doll in 2007. Doll hunted for two months without seeing an elk. His luck changed one evening when this monster stepped out just before sundown.
Wyoming—This 363-1/8 gross non-typical, droptine bull was found dead on the Jackson Hole elk refuge. Wild West Designs purchased the antlers, helping to fund operations for the refuge and local Boy Scout troops.