Elk NetworkUtah Resolution Opposes Colorado Forced Wolf Introduction

Conservation | February 20, 2020

A Utah lawmaker introduced a resolution that opposes any effort to introduce wolves into Utah as well as ongoing efforts to forcibly introduce wolves into nearby Colorado.

Representative Logan Wilde proposed the measure. H.C.R. 19 “opposes the artificial human introduction of wolves into the Southern Rockies, specifically including Colorado and any area where the wolves will travel into or within the state of Utah which will result in widespread regional impacts and harm in the state of Utah.”

There is not a current attempt to force wolves into Utah, however a 2020 Colorado ballot measure seeks to forcibly place wolves into the western part of the state, not far from the Utah-Colorado border. If that effort is successful, history shows that wolves will multiply and spread. The mid-1990s central Idaho release of 35 wolves since spread statewide (1,500 last summer), Montana, (900 wolves), Washington (126 wolves), Oregon (137) and are as far as 600 miles away in northern California.

Wilde maintains an introduction could cost Utah taxpayer dollars, redirect already limited wildlife management resources and have a significant negative impact on Utah.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation strongly opposes the Colorado ballot initiative.

(Photo source: National Park Service)