Elk NetworkWall Creek, Montana

Conservation | August 26, 2017

Located in the heart of elk winter range in Montana’s Madison Valley, the Madison-Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area covers more than 7,000 acres of grassy rangeland.

In late 2014, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation acquired 631 acres of land immediately adjacent to it but there was one significant issue—a 3,096-square-foot log house sat right in the middle of it.

RMEF developed a plan and auctioned off the house with the winner assuming full responsibility to move it. And that’s exactly what happened. Workers jacked it up from the foundation, placed a heavy-duty tow trailer beneath it, and rolled it down a narrow dirt road, across a bridge spanning the Madison River and off the property.

RMEF since conveyed the 631-acre tract of land to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks which added it to the Wildlife Management Area. Because the entire southern edge of the tract bordered the existing Wildlife Management Area and the eastern edge bordered Bureau of Land Management land clear to the Madison River, there is both new and improved access to what is now public land for hunters, anglers and other to enjoy.

More than 2,000 elk as well as antelope, deer and other wildlife migrate through the area to take advantage of the winter range as vital forage grounds.

Man may not be able to move mountains but, in this case, he can remove a house to conserve and protect elk and elk country.

Wall Creek and its thriving wildlife and wildlife habitat stand as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlight how Hunting Is Conservation.