Elk NetworkWeatherby Barrel Break-In Procedure

Sponsored Content | October 5, 2020

Buying a new hunting rifle is a big deal for most shooters. One of the questions we are asked the most revolves around breaking in a barrel. Here at Weatherby, we shoot thousands of rounds annually in testing, customer service, and sighting-in for hunts. We sat down with the engineering team to discuss how we break barrels in and move forward from there to determine accuracy expectations and the best bullet combination for your specific rifle. Below is an outline of what we recommend for Weatherby rifles.

Barrel break-in can be performed through a number of different procedures. It is important to note that our testing shows that not all barrels require the same amount of break-in. Many of our Weatherby rifles get close to their accuracy potential during break-in but accuracy continues to improve with more shooting.

We suggest a 20 shot break-in, utilizing two different factory loads (load 1 and load 2) to begin understanding desired barrel accuracy. If desired, after the break-in, begin experimental shooting with different factory loads as each barrel’s accuracy is dependent on load and bullet combinations.

Our procedure is as follows:

  1. Clean the barrel*
  2. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  3. Clean the barrel*
  4. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
  5. Clean the barrel*
  6. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  7. Clean the barrel*
  8. Fire 3 shots (Load 2)
  9. Clean the barrel*
  10. Fire 3 shots (Load 1)
  11. Let Barrel Cool
  12. Fire 5 shots (Load 2)
  13. Clean the Barrel*